Contacts (CRM)


The directory contains your business contacts - customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

Contacts can be easily categorized using tags whose palette you set yourself according to your preferences.

Connection to 1CLICK modules

Each task, project, process, or document in 1CLICK can be linked to a specific contact.

Assign a task to a contact.png
Authorized persons contact.png

Authorized person for contact

Authorized persons are users who see additional information beyond the normal directory entries for a contact. It is mainly a contact diary and ongoing activities.

Diary of contact

The diary contains a chronology of events with clients such as. meetings, phone calls or e-mails.


Authorized persons of the contact can post and view the journal.

Contact information.png
All information at a glance.png

Activities contact

All the tasks, e-mails, projects, and processes that are in progress with the contact or in the past have been seen with the contact.

Contact documents

For a contact at one place to see documents that are directly linked to the contact.

Shared project documents.png