Documents (DMS)


By 1CLICK you can store all your corporate documents as contracts, invoices, or documentation.

​You will thus be eliminated by the constant search for where to find the document.

Stock items

For each document, you can record a set of descriptive items.


A set of descriptive items you define yourself for each document type according to your needs.

Setting descriptive items.png
Quick search.png


Finding documents will greatly facilitate comfortable search.

Document version

As elsewhere in 1CLICK, there are documented versions. If you edit a document, it will not be overwritten, but the system will remember the previous version.

All historical versions of a document and remain traceable.

The process automatically saves the documents.png

Binding with processes

Documents prepared process can be automatically save to the appropriate place in the document archive.

It adapts

This is probably the best description of 1CLICK Documents (DMS). Do you like a flat document structure or do you prefer a tree. It's up to you.

Tree structure of documents.png