Organizational structure


1CLICK allows you to draw the organizational structure of your company. The organizational structure consists of a hierarchy of organizational units and job positions in which employees are included.


Tabbed form position 

1CLICK offers a view for each job post that displays relevant information in a tabbed form.


The aim is that every employee here will always find up-to-date documents for work in his post.

Current overview of documents for employees.png
Distribution of instructions and guidelines.png

Distribution of manuals and guidelines

1CLICK allows you to assign guidelines and manuals to any location in the organizational structure. These documents are automatically distributed to all sub-posts.

Job descriptions and products

For each job position and organizational unit, it is possible to record a list of job descriptions performed by employees. It is also possible to record a list of so-called products that represent measurable results of work.

All information at a glance.png

Description of activities

Workloads briefly listed in the organizational structure diagram can be further broken down into detailed descriptions of activities. Attached documents, typically PDFs, may also be part of detailed activity descriptions.

Messages or tasks about changes

Users are informed of relevant changes in the organizational structure, including new or updated manuals or guidelines, through automatic messages or tasks.