1CLICK executes your business processes as a business case, invoice approval, complaint procedure, or employee's onset or departure.


Sequence of follow-up tasks

Processes automatically create tasks for individual users and, based on their results, decide how to run the process, including automatically creating additional tasks for other solvers.

Automatic process task.png
Any number of documents.png

Document flow through process

The information flowing through the process can include any number of documents. A classic example is the processes that process a received document as an invoice or order.

Process history

For each process and sub-process task is visible a chronological history.

The history of the process includes all subtasks history of this process created, including user discussions.

History of the process.png

Automatic action palette

The 1CLICK process can automatically run a variety of actions, such as generating negotiation numbers, sending messages and e-mails, creating 1CLICK projects, or searching people across an organizational structure.

Automatic action palette is open and expandable.


A specific action automatically performed by a process is data exchange with other information systems.

Data can be read and add them as supporting information for the process, for example, to "pull" the various documents for the decision approving the invoice. Or, conversely, to write data to approved invoices into an economic software.