The project is represented by a so-called "project tree" where the project hierarchically breaks down into stages, tasks and subtasks.

1CLICK provides a comprehensive view of the entire project tree.

Checking a time budget

1CLICK allows you to allocate a time budget to each project and its tasks.

1CLICK continuously monitors and visualizes the budget-to-work ratio.

Time control.png
Project team.png

Project team

Each project has its own project team headed by a project manager.

Team members share all project progress information.

Projects as tasks

The revolutionary solution of 1CLICK is the representation of all project parts, including summary stages and sub-stages, as tasks with a clear responsible solver, deadline and budget.

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Project dynamics

1CLICK offers features that allow you to easily add or remove jobs, edit terms, or budgets. At the same time, it constantly displays indicators that point out in advance unrealistic terms or "running away" budgets.

Project documents

Each project can be accompanied by any number of documents shared by the entire project team. Typical documents that appear in most projects are, for example, tender specifications or acceptance criteria.

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Activity overview and discussion.png

Project activity history

The history of the project presents a chronology of activities, both on the project as a whole (change of project date, modification of project documents) and on all related tasks.