At one point clearly, you can find a list of current tasks. No task he will not remain forgotten somewhere in the e-mail.

Color backlight alerts you to upcoming deadlines or exceed their potential.


Each task in the system has its own separate discussion. The discussion is part of the task history in which all the tasks performed by the activity such as attaching a document, changing the date, etc. are chronologically recorded.

Assigning responsibility to a specific solver.png

Clear responsibility

Each task has just one solver, so there is a clear responsibility for solving it.

Investigator confirms acceptance of newly assigned tasks, thereby declaring acceptance of this responsibility.

Checking the solution

The task solved solver automatically submitted to the contracting authority for review and acceptance. The task is complete only after the authority accepts the result.

The contracting authority decides to solve the task.png
Attachments to the task.png


Any number of attachments can be attached to each task. During the solution, it is possible to update individual attachments, while 1CLICK records previous versions and allows them to be traced and displayed.

Time management

Solver can write down the time spent on solving each task.

1CLICK based on these data can generate timesheets, split by time period, users and tasks.

Records of worked time.png
Create a subtask.png


The solver can resolve his task to subtasks and assign them to other solvers. At the same time, they can see the current sub-tasks and their status in their task.


Solver can use tags that facilitate quick search and visual orientation.

Tags make searching easierpng